Down the Rabbit Hole explores the symbolic language of images from a Mexican feminist perspective. Symbolic language has the ability to express abstract ideas that are otherwise difficult to translate in direct, analytical speech or text. This language of images is felt more so than it is heard, and honors the realm of instinct, dreams, and intuition.

In this exhibition, I present three bodies of work that investigate this symbolic language through the lens of archetypes, dreams, and fairy tales. This exhibition has been shown in Paris in 2018, and has now come to SPARC. Down the Rabbit Hole continues to grow as new participants step forward to tell their story. I invite you to participate in this language of images and insert yourself into the world of our untold narratives.

-Mercedez Gertz, PhD


Mercedes Gertz works in Mexico City, California and Switzerland. Her interest in art as a language has informed her artistic practice and community work. Gertz currently has a PhD in the study of Depth Psychology. Her focus is on the study of dreams and Fairy Tales as the symbolic language that articulates what words fail to express.

In 1990, she received her bachelor’s degree from Parson’s School of Art and Design in New York in 1993 . In 1998, she was honored with the Fonca Young Creators Scholarship. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from the Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Her graphic work “Lotería de la Vida” is part of the collection of[AC2]  the Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City. Her interest in art as a language has informed her artistic practice and community activities. She has also developed workshops for Hispanic families in Los Angeles, where she has worked since 2001 to date. Gertz teaches Dream and Fairy Tale workshops in Mexico, Los Angeles and Paris. Her paintings, conceptual installations and graphic art have been exhibited in Mexico, the United States, and Europe.

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