Please join us at SPARC on January 4th from 2:30-4:30 PM for “Meeting the Witch: An Archetypal Examination of the Emergent Feminine,” a lecture by Heidi Mezzatesta, MA LMFT, PhD(c).

“Over the course of the last eight years or so, I have engaged the archetype of the witch. The accusation and persecution of women as witches in Salem, in particular, is part of the United States’ cultural shadow. As with other aspects of that particular shadow—slavery, indentured servitude, marginalization of immigrant groups—there is a reckoning.

We carry shadow; usually for women, the constellated feelings are shame and guilt. Women have the opportunity to blaze a new trail—a very exciting but frightening prospect. Historically women were seen to threaten the prevailing cultural paradigm. Individual and collective have to meet the shadow of a history that aimed to subvert and contain the power of the feminine.” – Heidi Mezzatesta

The lecture is presented in association with The Box Project Exhibition at SPARC so be sure to visit our galleries on January 4th as well! This is a free public event open to all.