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UCLA Graduate Community Development Class:

A course in artist’s approaches to transformations of local and global communities through aesthetic practices in; visual arts, spoken word, visual performance, music, and dance that include participatory audience inclusion and foster civic dialogue and community advocacy and activism. A course on the issues of cultural democracy based in cultural retention and affirmation. Case studies of artist’s projects in Community Cultural Development will provide contemporary examples of an evolving field of work and the basis for critical analysis.

VISIT UCLA@SPARC Digital/Mural Lab official website Digital Mural

Beyond Mexican Mural Class:
Beyond the Mexican Mural utilizes Los Angeles Resources as Mural Capital of the World. This Course Is A Studio Class, Intended To Explore Muralism As A Method Of Community Education, Development And Empowerment. Issues Are Explored Through The Development Of A Large Scale Collaborative painting For Placement In A Community.This course is taught in a community setting at the SOCIAL AND PUBLIC ART RESOURCE CENTER’S (SPARC) mural studios in Venice California. 10 Minutes from campus. Students will be researching, designing, working with community participants, and installing permanent mural which will be placed on the University Elementary school site.