Israeli-Palestinian Panel



by Ahmed Bweerat, Suliman Monsour, Adi Yekutieli
10 X 30 feet, Acrylic on Canvas


To listen, to speak, and to respect the desires of the other
Without fear of the difference of race, gender, and religion.
Fifty years of armed struggle, no winners, no losers.
Fifty years, marking the point of a new beginning
Is not worth one tear drop of a wounded child.
No one raises a sword to kill a friend.
We raise pen, pencils, brushes instead
And with colors design a common creation.


Acknowledgment, understanding, accepting the differences,
having the courage to mutually explain them is what we as artists represent.
Pain, suspicion, and suffering which we have lived and
are still living is our children’s inheritance.
Let them succeed in turning it into a new reality.


israel_Palestinian team