SPARC Projects 2016 – 2019:

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Landscapes to Wellness Program: The Central Valley Project(In Progress)

The project will see the installation of eight murals throughout the Central Valley on health, wellness and social justice in immigrant and agricultural communities.

SPARC Projects 2011 – 2015:

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greenBridg100x100Green Bridge Project (In Progress)
Project to build a ‘Green Bridge’ across the LA River where the Great Wall is located. Green Bridge is build entirely with recycled materials….

poets100x100Venice Beach Poet’s Monument Restoration 2012, 2014
SPARC was contracted by the Venice Arts Council (VAC), as part of their Endangered Art Fund, chaired by Suzanne Thompson to restore the Venice Beach Poets Monument, one of the most notable public art works on the Venice Boardwalk. The monument was created…

greenBridg100x100Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy Mural 2013
Named after the Mexican-American author, the Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy offers elementary and middle school-level classes. It is managed by the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy…

richm-thumbThe Richmond Mural 2012
The Extraordinary Ordinary People of Richmond is the newest mural currently being designed by Professor Judy Baca, SPARC/UCLA Cesar Chavez Digital/Mural Lab for the City of Richmond, CA. Community members…

mi-contre100x100Miguel Contreras Mural 2011
In 2011, Distinguished UCLA Professor Judy Baca’s UCLA students of the UCLA@SPARC Cesar Chavez Digital/Mural Lab “Beyond the Mexican Mural” (courses at the request of Maria Elena Durazo, of the American…

GWrestorstionWebThumbThe Great Wall Restoration 2011
The restoration of the Great Wall of Los Angeles is a massive undertaking. Every segment of the 2,750ft is cleaned, examined and treated to bring it back to its original state of brilliant color. Within the three…

SPARC Projects 2006 – 2010:

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Ataco100x95Ataco Mural El Salvador 2010
This mural is dedicated to the People of Ataco, El Salvador by the Artists of SPARC. This project was sponsored by the People of the United States and Campos Art Group.

RFK_100x95RFK Learning Center 2010
The concept of the panels is that they are a sequential work of art, which can be viewed as one mural or as individual vignettes. I intended for Tiny Ripples of Hope to embody that sense of optimism–and hope–that surrounded Robert Kennedy’s pursuits…

Guada100x95Guadalupe Restoration 2010
The Guadalupe Mural Project consists of four murals done on wooden panels. Each panel is 8’ by 7’2” and is 4’¾” thick, and each panel weighs approximately 300lbs. These panels were recently restored due to inadequate building…

UES-100x95UCLA Lab School 2009
Beyond the Mexican Mural utilizes Los Angeles Resources as Mural Capital of the World. This Course is A Studio Class, intended to explore Muralism as a method of community education, development and empowerment. Issues are explored through the development of a large scale…

DanzaTierra_100x95Latino Cultural Center 2009
In 2008 the Dallas Latino Cultural Center, designed by Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, commissioned Judy Baca to paint a mural for the lobby of their 304-seat, Oak Farms Dairy Performance Hall.

virtual100x95Roosevelt Community Center in San Jose, CA 2009
Mural by Scape Martinez in collaboration with the Digital Mural Lab. Print production and installation completed by DML.

virtual100x95Metro Station Metate Benches at Wilmington Station 2009
Designed by Prof. Baca for the Wilmington Metro Station and produced in the Digital Mural Lab. Three benches in the shape of “metates” with embedded porcelain corn.

imagAmeri100x95USC Imagining America 2008
Imagining America is a national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design. Public scholarship joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence.

chavez100x95Cesar Chavez Monument 2008
Modeled on a Mayan corbelled arch combined with mission colonial arches, this site pays tribute to Chavez’s respective Spanish and indigenous roots while referencing the conquest. The plaza is treated with colors derived from the Pre-Hispanic Codices…

Tropical100x95Siqueros in Disney Hall 2008
Under the auspices of The Latino Museum, Mexico City’s Philharmonic Orchestra debuts at Walt Disney Concert Hall performing an exquisite repertoire of master composers Carlos Chávez, Arturo Márquez, José Pablo Moncayo and Silvestre Revueltas.

VFamClin100x95Venice Family Clinic 2007
In an institution where healing and wellness are paramount, artwork can be important to a patient’s well-being, some healthcare professionals believe. For this and other reasons, two local organizations have joined forces to bring a bit of historical and esthetic perspective…

hispHerit100x95Hispanic Heritage 2006
The Design for the mural entitled “Dreaming from the Fire Escape: Sueños desde el Balcón” is an allegorical composition that combines elements of the students everyday reality in New York City as seen through their eyes via box camera photos of their neighborhood.

virtual100x95Foster Kids Project 2006
Series of 20 portraits by emancipated 18 year olds from Los Angeles County Foster Kids program. The portraits were published in book form and as prints.

virtual100x95Petersen Museum Mural Restoration Project 2006
Historic Neighborhood Pride Mural by Sandra Drilling 1990 restored through Digital Mural Lab digital restoration and installed in the Peterson Museum.

SPARC Projects 1996 – 2005:

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MLK-100x95Martin Luther King Jr. Monument 2005
35ft x 350ft laser cut steel mural with landscaping and digital tile created for the 2000ft stretch of the Freeway in San Diego California. This work is a commemoration of the life of Martin Luther King created for permanent display and commissioned…

HW-100x95Hitting The Wall 2005
In recent months there has been a proliferation of tagging on murals throughout City of Los Angeles freeways. This has resulted in the whitewashing of several murals by Cal Trans. Judy Baca’s 1984 Olympics Mural…

virtual100x95Virtual Great Wall 2004
Initiated in the Fall of 2002 and completed in 2003 as a joint collaboration between the UCLA/SPARC Digital/Mural Lab and the UCLA Visualization portal, the Virtual Great Wall of Los Angeles 3-D model brings the signature work of Professor Baca…

virtual100x95Carecen 2004
The impact of SPARC’s work is best voiced in that of a community partner. Works such as the CARECEN mural, the first significant public work created in Los Angeles about the migration of Central Americans…

virtual100x95Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Montgomery Bus Boycott 2003-2004
Four interactive Digital Mural Project in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia and D.C.: 5’x25’ digital print on canvas. Led by Student graduates of Digital Mural Lab sponsored by Verizon.

wovenWeb100x95The UES Woven Web project Mural at UCLA 2003
In the fall of 2000, we embarked on an ambitious project: to work with five and six year-old children on a mural project that would give voice to their individual and collective histories. Together with six bright and enthusiastic UCLA undergraduates…

v-boardw100x95The Venice Boardwalk 2002
In 2001 the city of Los Angeles commissioned SPARC to create 15 mural memorials made of porcelain on metal to be inset on podiums alongside the newly renovated Venice boardwalk. SPARC used the project as an opportunity to memorialize historic murals of the Venice beach…

virtual100x95Durango Digital Mural 2001-2002
“Recollections” Digital interactive work carried out over the internet working with, Navajo, Latino, Ute, and anglo high school youth in conflict on the concept of land and memory. 16’x25’ digital print, Downtown Durango Colorado.

memoria100x95La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra 2001
In 1998, while in residency at Harvard University, SPARC’s Artistic Director, Judith F. Baca, along with her graduate students began the production of La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra for the Denver International Airport. The 10 foot by 50 foot mural tells the Hispano-Mexicano…

shoulder100x95Shoulder To Shoulder 2001
In a summer program for 14 year olds from the Los Angeles City schools 100 youth were brought to SPARC for a week long residency in the Digital Mural Lab. There art education curriculum was developed by UCLA Professor Judith Baca and UCLA alumni of Beyond the Mexican Mural…

shoulder100x95Los Angeles Tropical 1999
3 Digital Murals: Homage to David Alfaro Siqueiros for the entrance to the America Tropical Mural on Olvera Street.

virtual100x95Local 11, H.E.R.E. Mural 1998
Entitled: “We are HERE” 20ftx 31ft Digital Print on Vinyl. Created for the Hotel and restaurant workers Los Angeles on the story of Unionization of L.A hotels for Local 11 headquarters.

virtual100x95Mark Taper Forum and Ahmanson Theater Murals 1998
30th Anniversary for The Center Theatre Group. The history of theater in Los Angeles presented at the Taper and Ahmanson Theaters…

estrada100x95Estrada Courts 1997
Witnesses to Los Angeles History: Estrada Courts came about in 1997 when the Los Angeles Public Housing Authority enlisted SPARC and Professor Baca’s UCLA class for the production of a permanent public art piece for the Estrada Public Housing Project. Estrada Courts…

Witness100x95Witnesses To LA History 1996
It is through the hands of writers and artists that inspiration brings forth words and images. But inspiration does not come from a single mind or element. Inspiration comes best from an exchange of ideas and thoughts; a meeting of hearts. This process of collaboration is one…

Witness100x95Murals of Guadalupe
It is through the hands of writers and artists that inspiration brings forth words and images. But inspiration does not come from a single mind or element. Inspiration comes best from an exchange of ideas and thoughts; a meeting of hearts. This process of collaboration is one…