The Products

MuralShield™: An Acryloid B-72 Consolidating compound that protects murals from UV degradation, weathering, and vandalism. Does not yellow over time. Can be easily painted over, if touch-ups are needed.

Acrylic Modified Paraffin Wax Coating: A transparent UV Stabilizing coating that protects the mural from binding with other paints, making graffiti removal easy and non-destructive.

The Service

SPARC’s Mural Coating Services are best conducted by our conservation technicians who are trained to conserve, restore, and preserve artworks to the standard of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. Our technicians are trained and equipped to protect and repair even the most heavily deteriorated and damaged murals and architectural surfaces.  We have a full arsenal of spray application equipment required to safely and efficiently apply our chemicals, which are resistant to corrosion yet gentle enough in their application not to damage a vulnerable mural. We also come with our own scaffolding for mural’s up to 25’ tall.

Assessment of mural before restoration
Assessment of mural before restoration