Frequently Asked Questions:
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SPARC is located at 685 Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 11am to 5pm.
Durón Gallery & SPARC Gifts Shop hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 5pm. Click here for more info.

SPARC periodically engages in mural production and public art projects that have youth at the center of the work. For the most part SPARC engages those young people (beginning @ age 14) who reside in and around areas of production. Please contact us to inquire about possible production opportunities. If you are interested in your child having an internship at SPARC, please fill out our online internship/volunteer form.

Though currently there are no paid internships available, we are always looking for motivated volunteers. Generally volunteers are most needed in the following areas: General Office/ Arts Administration; Archives; Community Organizing; Gallery; Digital/Mural Lab. So that we may best match your skills and interests with our needs, please fill out our online form. Be sure to include the number of hours per week you are available and how long a commitment you could make, i.e. two months, the whole summer, etc.

SPARC conducts personalized tours for a cost of $200.00 per hour (two hour minimum). These tours can include site visits by the artist, the history of mural production in Los Angeles, an analysis of neighborhoods throughout the city using the murals as the visual context, etc. Our tours are ideal for out of town visitors, conferences/conventions, educational institutions, and cultural organizations. Please email info@sparcinla.org to set up a tour.

SPARC does offer site tours. We do ask an honorarium for this service. You will need to book the site tour at least a month in advance and allow 1-2 hours for the tour. Please let us know how many students you will be bringing, their grade level and how this tour will integrate with your curriculum. We also recommended that you provide us with at least two possible dates for the tour, as we may not be able to accommodate your preferred date. As always, the more information you provide us with, the better we will be able to assist you. Send your request via e-mail to info@sparcinla.org

Yes, we do occasionally rent space for these purposes, however there are generally fees attached to this service. To determine the feasibility of your request, we will need to know the type of event, who is coordinating it, the number of people expected to attend, date and time of the event, and your budget. The more information that you provide us with in the initial request, the faster we will be able to get back to you. Please email us at info@sparcinla.org.

Help us determine if we have someone available for you. What is the event that you need a speaker for? Please provide a short description of the event and your organization. Who is the contact person for this in your organization? What topics would you like addressed? What is the date and time of the event? Is there funding available to pay the speaker? Send your request via e-mail to info@sparcinla.org

SPARC does license copyrighted images for publication There are fees attached to this service based on the type of publication, print run, size and number of images / demand for the image. We need some information from you first. Please fill out our online form for image requests. You will be asked to answer the following questions:  Give us a one-paragraph description of your event/book/article. Who is the publisher or organization involved? What is the address and website? Who is the main contact person for this request? In what context will the image(s) be used? What timeframe do you need this by? What is the book run, or expected attendance, or readership? Is this for educational or commercial purposes? What are the technical specifications of the image needed (resolution, size, color or black and white)? Please allow up to two weeks for a response, as the artist must first approve all licensing.

Yes we can however, SPARC does not currently have funding to sponsor new mural productions. If you have funding secured for your project, please email us at info@sparcinla.org to inquire about how we help you with your project. Please send us a request, via email or fax with the following information: What organization is the mural for? Do you have a site for the proposed mural? What are the size specifications of the mural site? Who is the contact person for this in your organization? Do you have funding for the mural? What time frame do you hope to have it completed? Who is the targeted audience of the mural and/or will it commemorate an event? If you are interested in producing a mural, have no funding for production and your building resides within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles, please contact your local City Council Person to request that the city reinstate funding for SPARC sponsored murals. To find out which city council office represents your area, please visit http://www.lacity.org/government/intex.htm.

SPARC’s murals and their locations are listed on our website. If you need something more comprehensive, we offer the book Street Gallery, by Robin Dunitz for $32.95. Street Gallery lists over 1000 murals in Southern California.