Russian Panel


“The End of the Twentieth Century”

by Alexi Begov
10 X 30 feet, Acrylic on Canvas

“The End of the Twentieth Century” portrays the transition from the crucifixion of the idea of revolution to the citizens prayerfully pleading for better life, happiness, more certainty in the future, peace, charity and compassion as they look to the sky in the twentieth century. Asked to portray a “Vision of the Future Without Fear”, Russian artist Alexi Begov’s gripping work portrays a cautious light amidst the darkness. Hope is personified in the form of a young child who, while making the sign of the cross, looks anxiously toward the future. The idea of the revolution is a crucified man and three Russians crane their necks to look skyward while a blind man gropes toward a glimmer of light with his cane.