A message from SPARC’S Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Supporters,


SPARC for its 45 years has been steadfastly responsive to the moments we have lived by making space for artists deeply involved in social justice art to be heard. The events of the last days protesting the murder George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other brown bodies in over 400 years of systemic racism in our justice system, cultural institutions and academic places of learning have brought us to a breaking point.

People CANNOT BREATHE any longer across the nation and world and have reached a turning point in our country. In los Angeles alone in the last 7 years 601 deaths have occurred at the hands of LAPD who continue to receive the lion’s share of our city budget. For 45 years, SPARC has worked in the communities who have suffered these losses many among our own mural crews, families, children and students. At the core of these marches are young people calling for and demanding to have their voices heard.

We at SPARC know how powerful the arts can be in speaking directly to the hearts of people with imagination that provides a new way of seeing and feeling our shared humanity. This work is more important than ever for the creation empathy and understanding in a polarized nation. Our work has sought to end racism and police brutality through our public art works, exhibitions and teaching. We have sought to end misogyny through our murals, exhibitions workshops, including last year’s entire year of women’s exhibitions in our gallery. We have sought to honor our essential workers always in our works of public art in poor and working communities. We seek an end to all wars including those aimed at those in the inner cities of America through poverty and inequitable pay. Essential workers are our collaborators, friends and family.

We remain committed to continue to stand for justice and nonviolence and direct our efforts toward amplification of art that rises above systemic racism and destruction. Art that creates reflection and advances knowledge, while providing us with the hope we need that makes change possible.

For those of you who have donated to us over the years even in the smallest amounts please give again, as we need you more than ever now to continue work so clearly essential.

—Judy Baca