Celebrating 20 Years of the UCLA/SPARC Digital Mural Lab!

20 Years of The UCLA/SPARC Digital Mural Lab showcases a sampling of projects that highlight instruction, community organizing, research and artistic production.  These projects are emblematic of partnerships with nonprofit advocacy groups, civic institutions, public schools and municipalities that provide students, artists, academics and community members an alternative model for articulating community needs.  The images in the show are small scale reproductions of large scale permanently installed public artworks or, in the case of the CARECEN mural, represents a major phase in the artistic production.  In any case, the final image memorializes a much more expansive scope of work that establishes the lab as preeminent partner of vulnerable and underrepresented communities.

2017 Gallery Season Statement:  

Since 1977 the SPARC Gallery (now known as the The Durón Gallery) has hosted exhibitions that inspire social change and amplify the voices of marginalized communities.  As we enter 2017, we continue to focus our attention on advancing social justice, environmental justice, immigrant rights, education, LGBTQ rights, and transnational peace.   Our current political climate guides this year’s program by providing a forum for reflection and critical thought about the changing direction of the country and its impact on the various issues we continue to advocate for.

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00AM-5:00PM

685 Venice Blvd., Venice CA 90291

Richmond IdentitiesRichmond Identities: Extraordinary Lives/Ordinary People, Judy Baca (2012) Richmond Civic Center, Richmond CA: Commission to create digital murals 8ftx70ft in Civic Center consisting of five identity cards representing the diverse people of what is known as the poorest, most violent, and most diverse city in the country.

For more information: Contact us at info@SPARCinLA.org or (310) 822-9560

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