In solidarity with our Social Service Organizations

SPARC connected with actions being organized by National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Central American Resource Center and IDEPSCA to strategize with the creative community and plan actions SPARC can be a part of. This is a preliminary effort to mobilize our leadership and encourage other like minded arts organizations to stand in solidarity with social service organizations working on the frontline and utilize our creativity to amplify their calls to action. Stay tuned…

#TogetherWeAreStronger #DeportHateImportHope #ThisIsNotNormal

About the mural image:

Triumph of the Hearts is part of the World Wall: A Vision of the Future Without Fear, a traveling mural conceived by Judy Baca consisting of 14 panels by artist teams in the United States, Finland, Russia, Israel/Palestine, Mexico and Canada. The installation of the murals demonstrates the transformation of an individual, a community and a nation towards peace and nonviolent resistance.

The panel illustrates the transformative journey towards peace, where individuals of all races answer the call to action. Casting the shadow of Mahatma Gandhi, an African-American youth sets off to join forces with a community of consciousness to confront the winds of war looming across the horizon. He is empowered by their collective fore of women who contemplate his mission and hold in their hands the light of hope.

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