MuralShield™is able to restore pigments back to their original vibrancy on weathered murals. Use MuralShield™on murals with damaged binders where pigments cannot hold up to water washing.


Little Tokyo Mural


“Home is Little Tokyo” is a community mural, located on the Japanese Village Plaza on Central Avenue, that depicts the rich history of Little Tokyo over the past 100+ years. The mural was completed in 2005 by muralist Tony Osumi, along with Sergio Diaz and Jorge Diaz. Hundreds of community members and organizations in Little Tokyo came together to make this mural possible. It memorializes and celebrates the history and culture in Little Tokyo. In June 2018, the mural was tagged; graffiti covered the artwork and the stories of the community.


Little Tokyo Restoration


Fortunately, the mural was protected by MuralShield, a product developed by SPARC to protect murals from UV damage and vandalism. MuralShield makes it possible to remove graffiti from an artwork without damaging the piece. On June 20th, 2018, SPARC muralists Myisha Arellano, Dago Perez and Irving Centeno removed graffiti from “Home is Little Tokyo.” The mural is, once again, a vibrant artwork that honors the community of Little Tokyo.


“When there are so few images of Asian Americans, it represents our hopes and dreams…”

Tony Osumi, Muralist Quote from Gwen Muranaka’s article on Rafu Shimpo

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MuralShield Protects your Murals!

VISIT for your mural protection products!

MuralShield™a SPARC innovation!–is an anti-vandalism and preservation coating system that creates durable and highly maintainable murals. MuralShield™ is a two part system that consolidates, provides UV protection, and vandalism protection when used with Worlds Best Graffiti Coating (WBCG). Conserves, restores, and preserves acrylic and aerosol murals.

MuralShield™ + WBGC is a two-part system for use against weathering and vandalism

MuralShield $99.00 per gal  IN STOCK – 1 gal and 5 gal   TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
Worlds Best Graffiti Coating    $65.00 per gal   IN STOCK – 1 gal and 5 gal   TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

SPARC Coating Services available in the Los Angeles Area

Are you a muralist or property owner with a mural in the Los Angeles area and need someone to protect your mural? SPARC conservation technicians are available to coat your mural. For more information, give us a call or drop us an email at:

310/822-9560 ext 116 – MuralShield Sales



1 gallon of MuralShield™ covers 250-300 sq ft. and 1 gallon of WBGC covers 300-400 sq ft. Available in 5 gallon pails and 1 gallon jugs. Discount Prices available for 5 gallon purchases and up. Aerosol coming soon!

  • Increases the vibrancy and longevity of your mural
  • For use in protecting Acrylic and Aerosol Murals against vandalism, UV, grime, and weathering
  • Fast drying with a vibrant, clear, gloss finish
  • Ideal for protecting new or exiting works
  • Easily painted over for touch-ups–no stripping required!

SPARC’s MuralShield System supports arts programming for new generations of muralists

MuralShield and WBGC creates vibrant and highly maintainable murals. Click on our MuralShield demo below for an example of a 45min removal of 90 ft of vandalism off of “Hitting the Wall” by Judy Baca. 


MuralShield™ is a SPARC innovation designed for the conservation of fine art acrylic murals. It offers UV protection, consolidation, and weatherproofing. The film is flexible and completely clear, producing a luster to glossy finish. The coating is available for $99.00 (plus tax and HAZMAT shipping) per gallon and covers 200-250 sq ft.

MuralShield™ is a hazardous chemical so plenty of caution should be used when applying it. Respirators, long sleeve gloves, and a splash-proof guard should be used when working with MuralShield™. It is highly flammable and should be kept far from potential ignition sources.

MuralShield™ is best sprayed with an airless compressor. When one is not available, a HVLP syphon gravity feed airbrush can be used (70-90psi). MuralShield™ can also be applied using a solvent rated hand pump sprayer. Ask us about our MuralShield™ Hand Pump 5gal Sprayer–no electricity required!

MuralShield™ works as a protective and isolation layer. It is a conservation grade coating and will not protect acrylic murals from graffiti or vandalism alone. Apply two-three generous coatings of MuralShield™, allow to dry thoroughly for 15-20 minutes, and then apply two generous coatings of World’s Best Graffiti Coating (WBGC). MuralShield™ is applied only once upon completing a new work or restoration.

MuralShield™ should not be applied under high humidity conditions or when the wall is moist.

How to Protect Yourself when Applying MuralShield

Use solvent-rated cartridge-based respirators available at most hardware or paint stores. Protect your hands with neoprene or nitrile gloves (thick nitrile works best). Also use protective work clothes or a disposable suits when applying to avoid skin contact.

After applying MuralShield™ you must spray two or three coats of World’s Best Graffiti Coating in order to fully protect mural from vandalism and/or the elements.

World’s Best Graffiti Coating for use with the MuralShield™ System provides vandalism protection against aerosols, thick paints, and corrosive materials. World’s Best Graffiti Coating is easily removable with non-VOC* mild citrus-based solvents (also available through SPARC) or hot water, yet powerful enough to stand up against the harshest conditions.


1 gallon will cover up to approx. 300-400 sq ft.

Once applied, vandalism can be quickly and easily removed using a hot water pressure washer alone, or by using our removers. The Coating is then re-applied to the affected area before leaving.

World’s Best Graffiti Coating is also ideal for delicate historic building surfaces which have incurred previous damage.

The Coating flexes with the ambient temperature and is durable and UV stable. The end result is a long lasting invisible protective barrier which behaves like a ‘living’ skin reinventing itself (almost daily) in the sun, rain and wind. One critical advantage of this, is that no water vapors are ever trapped, and consequently walls ‘breathe’ normally, with moisture allowed to pass during these times.

After 30 years of experience with ‘coatings’, we realized that this product was the most versatile, durable, and easily removed coating available – being far and above any other ‘try hard’ products in the building industry.

World’s Best Graffiti Coating contains zero VOCs and is biodegradable, non toxic and virtually odorless, making it a pleasure to apply. Coverage is approximately 200 sq ft per gallon on porous surfaces (including 2 coats) or approx. 800 sq ft per gallon on hard impervious surfaces, where only one coat is required.

World’s Best Graffiti Coating works in conjunction
with MuralShield by offering long lasting protection for murals and artworks. Contact SPARC for further details.

*Our sacrificial coatings and vandalism removal chemicals are environmentally safe and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Always follow our Technical Data Sheets for safety instructions when handling chemicals. Use protective gear and be cautious when utilizing any chemicals.

How does MuralShield™ restore sun bleached murals?

MuralShield is a consolidant–not a coating! By chemically fusing paint layers we are able to provide pigments with protection against sun damage and vandalism. MuralShield is able to restore pigments back to their original vibrancy on weathered murals. Use MuralShield on murals with damaged binders where pigments cannot hold up to water washing. The following video demonstrates MuralShield’s ability to restore 21 year old pigment to its original color.


Volume prices available for 5 gallons and up

Heritage Graffiti Remover
– dissolves graffiti off of murals protected with MuralShield and WBGC.
Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.
$69.00 per gallon

Vanish Graffiti Remover
Vanish Graffiti Remover
– delaminates heavy vandalism from uncoated murals.
Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.
$75.00 per gallon

Transgel Graffiti Remover
– Gelled solvent to delaminated heavy vandalism from uncoated murals. Will not drip and can be applied with brush. Perfect for sensitive removals where pressure washing is not suitable.
Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.
$70.00 per gallon

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover
– dissolves stubborn graffiti “shadows” from murals protected with MuralShield or uncoated murals.
Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.
$69.00 per gallon

Solo Acetone Sprayer
SOLO Acetone Rated MuralShield Sprayer
– the perfect tool for spraying MuralShield.
$85.00 per sprayer