Art in the Time of COVID-19

In this time of coronavirus, SPARC will be featuring legacy murals in Los Angeles that illuminate local histories that draw us together when its safer to be apart. In this virtual tour series, we will use technology to keep you connected to beloved murals and the stories they tell.

This week, we are featuring The Great Wall of Los Angeles by Judy Baca with a poem called “Whose Story Do We Tell?” by Mike Sonksen in collaboration with Cuñao and the SPARC Digital/Mural Lab.

SPARC has been an artistic partner in addressing environmental threats, health disparities in agricultural regions in California, and the vulnerabilities of workers that society depends on, including farmworkers, teachers, and healthcare workers. COVID-19 continues to unearth systemic challenges and make visible how much we depend on a harmonious relationship with the environment and each other. We believe there is an urgency to continue creative and community-based social justice work as we face this public health crisis together.

Our goal is to continue empowering communities to advocate for social justice through the arts and to make sure that talented artists and makers continue to be an integral part of arts activism in Los Angeles. We are working tirelessly to support the livelihoods of our artists and staff during this unprecedented time.

How can you help?

If you are able to support our creative community, we ask that you do so by staying connected and engaged. You are vital in sustaining our mission during this uncertain time.


Donate online through the SPARC site:

Donations of any size, small or big, will help to sustain SPARC as an organization and allow us to continue serving vulnerable communities. Your help is needed now more than ever. For those that are in the position to contribute, a small donation makes a huge impact. Your contributions are what enable SPARC and our creative community to remain resilient in the face of crisis and to keep moving forward. A contribution of any size is an investment in our mission to collaborate with communities to advance social change through the arts.


Shop online at the SPARC Shop

Another great way to support SPARC and make a direct impact in the lives of local artists and makers is to shop online at our SPARC Shop. Though we will be limiting public hours, our online shop will remain active and we will continue to ship during this time. Our Shop features limited edition prints from past gallery exhibitions, vintage and rare books, one of a kind accessories and gifts from Mexico, work from our artists in residence, and more. For every purchase made, the artist will receive a portion of the proceeds. Now is the perfect moment to shop small, support local businesses, and lift up our creative communities.


Preserve public artworks with MuralShield

MuralShield is a groundbreaking consolidant that SPARC developed to preserve public artworks by protecting murals from sun damage and vandalism. MuralShield is also able to restore pigments back to their original vibrancy on weathered murals. Since launching these products, we have received a tremendous response from fellow muralists and community organizations. Public artworks can enrich and empower neighborhoods. Let’s continue to preserve new and legacy murals that tell our stories during this difficult time. MuralShield sales directly support SPARC programs and further expand the global network of artists working toward a common goal in the name of public art.


Join us for Yoga + Dream Lab on Zoom

Yoga + Dream Lab is a donation-based practice that establishes an online community where we can feel supported, establish balance, and remain grounded during this uncertain time. Each gathering begins with a brief check in, followed by a practice in breath work and yoga led by Stacy TenHouten. Once we are in our bodies, we then open up the Dream Laboratory where artist and depth psychologist, Mercedes Gertz (Ph.D.) will introduce us to the symbolic language of our dreams. We will then work to use our imagination to transform that material into poetry, music, and performance. In the age of coronavirus, Yoga + Dream Lab creates a space for creativity and wellness.


Follow the We’ll Bring the Streets to You Mural Campaign

Art and democracy have always been a powerful combination in the public sphere. Murals occupy the space and walls as “sites of public memory” to empower citizens to unite, as well as to foster imagination and cultivate creativity. In the time of coronavirus, SPARC will be featuring legacy murals in Los Angeles that illuminate local histories or address critical social issues that are becoming even more poignant right now. In this virtual tour series, technology makes Los Angeles murals and works of art accessible to a wider community.

Our first featured mural is The Great Wall of Los Angeles by SPARC Co-Founder/Artistic Director, Judy Baca. Take a walk along The Great Wall for your body and mind during this time!


Purchase your Walking Tour Guide Booklet

And if you can’t visit the Great Wall, you can take a digital tour by clicking here.