In Remembrance of Mark Rogovin

mark-rogovinRemembering Mark Rogovin

Muralist, Activist, Author, and Friend to Judy Baca


Rogovin worked alongside Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros in “The March of Humanity” and proceeded to become part of the mural movement in Chicago. Hitting the ground running, he founded the Public Art Workshop and opened the doors for young and aspiring muralists to pursue their dream by co-authoring “Mural Manual: How to Paint Murals for the classroom, community center, and the street corner”. He also co-founded the Peace Museum in Chicago, where he served as their director for four years.

He was all that, and more. He inspired future artists like Artistic Director and Muralist Judy Baca by encouraging and nurturing her belief in the power of murals. Even providing a place for her, when she needed one. Judy counted him as one of her dearest friends.

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